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Dr. Acker Wood's Publications


“The KSR Decision and Its Impact on Biotech Patents” • The Legal Intelligencer; Pennsylvania Law Weekly, Intellectual Property Supplement, October 2007

“The effects of incremental submaximal exercise on circulatory leukocytes in physically active and sedentary males and females.” • Eur. J. Appl. Physiol. (Germany), 74(3): 211-218, 1996

“Exercise-induced alternations in natural killer cell number and function.” • Eur. J. Appl. Physiol. (Germany), 74(3):227-233, 1996“Lymphocyte function and cytokine production during incremental exercise in active and sedentary males and females.” • Int. J. Sports Med. (Germany), 17(8): 585-591, 1996

“Synaptosomal membrane-bound form of endopeptidase-24.15 generates leu-enkaphalin from dynorphin (1-8), alpha- and ß-neoendorphin and met-enkephalin from met-enkephalin-Arg(6)-Gly(7)-Leu(8). “• J. Neurochem.,48:284-292, 1987


“ACTH neuromodulation of the developing motor system and neonatal learning in the rat.” • Peptides, 6: 41-49, 1985

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