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Patent, Trademark and Copyright attorney

ACKER WOOD IP Law provides domestic and international Patent, Trademark and Copyright legal services, such as client counseling regarding all aspects of intellectual property portfolio strategy and management as well as other legal services such as Contract preparation, Business entity formation, and Civil litigation in State and Federal Court, to clients both large and small, including corporations, universities, start-up companies, small businesses, entrepreneurs and sole inventors.  


Acker Wood IP Law, in alliance with Handal & Morofsky, LLC, provides over 60 years combined prosecution and litigation experience in the technical areas of Life Sciences, Mechanical Arts, Chemical Arts, Biotechnology, and Biomechanical and Medical Devices.   


Patent Services   Click here to read more about the Patent process

Patentability Searches

Preparation and Prosecution of U.S. Utility, Design and Plant Patent Applications

Preparation and Prosecution of International Patent Applications

Patentability and Infringement/Freedom-to-Operate Opinions 

Contract Preparation and Review, including Assignment, License, Software Development, Nondisclosure (NDA), Operating, and Business Agreements

Due Diligence Analyses

Patent Infringement Litigation

Trademark Services   Click here to read more about Trademarks

Trademark Searches and Registrability Opinions

U.S. and International Trademark Registration

Trademark Infringement Litigation


Copyright Services  Click here to read more about Copyrights

Copyright Counseling

Copyright Registration

Copyright Infringement Litigation

                          OTHER LEGAL SERVICES

Civil Litigation in State and Federal Court

Business needs including sole proprietorships; formation of partnerships, limited liability companies, corporations; and fictitious name filings

Cease and Desist Letters


Notice. Information provided on this website should not be deemed as constituting legal advice or as creating an attorney-client relationship with website visitors. Legal advice should be sought from and rendered by competent legal counsel familiar with particular facts and circumstances after legal counsel has properly conducted a conflict check relating to representation issues that might be present. Please do not send us any information concerning your particular legal situation until after consultation with us. Thank you for visiting our website. Copyright 2022. Acker Wood Intellectual Property Law, LLC. All rights reserved.

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