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                      Examples of Issued Patents
11,641,946 Multi-Directional Gliding Arm Rest Pad Device

11,553,800 Modular Bedroom System

11,279,186 Trailer Tongue Hitch Device

11,234,628 Non-Invasive Systems and Methods to Detect Cortical Spreading Depression for the Detection
and Assessment of Brain Injury and Concussion

System and Method of Hot Gas Defrost Control for Multistage Cascade
Refrigeration System

Rapid Viral Assay

10,753,952 Rapid and Sensitive Method of Forensic Toxicology in Post-Mortem Subjects and in Live
and Post-Mortem Animals Using Oral Fluid Testing

10,495,634 Devices and Methods for Detection and Quantification of Immunological Proteins,
Pathogenic and Microbial Agents and Cells
 9,753,029  Devices and Methods for Detection and Quantification of Immunological Proteins,
Pathogenic and Microbial Agents and Cells

9,545,347  Medical Ambulatory Device for Children and Method of Use
9,305,525  Interchangeable Guitar Faceplate and Guitar Body System
9,102,984   Systems and Methods for Individualized Functional Genomic Profiling Related to Cancer
Cell Growth
9,068,216   Methods and Devices for Rapid Detection and Identification of Live Microorganisms by
Aptamers and/or Antibodies Immobilized on Permeable Membranes
9,034,583   Rapid Enzyme-Linked Immunosorbent Assay for Detection and Identification of
Pathogens and Determination of Antimicrobial Susceptibility
8,997,397  Method for Determining Hydration Requirements of Succulent Plants

8,915,828  Ergonomic Rotational Muscle Stretching Device and Method
8,895,825  Methods and Devices for Muting a Harmonica
8,664,503  Musical Notation and Method of Teaching Same
8,663,909  Device for Rapid Detection and Identification of Single Microorganisms Without Preliminary Growth
8,556,843  Blood Purification Method and Apparatus for the Treatment of Malaria
8,496,914  Antibacterial Oral Rinse Formulation to Prevent and/or Ameliorate Coronary Artery Disease
8,413,800  Flat Packaging of Petri Dishes for Prolonged Preservation and Method of Producing the Same
8,361,783  Micromethod and Device for Rapid Detection, Enumeration and Identification of Microorganisms
8,110,375  High Throughput Assay for Cancer Cell Growth Inhibition

Human Lymphocyte Vaccine Adjuvant

U.S. Patent No. 1

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